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  • Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

    Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

    Have you ever heard the terms sustainable & ethical fashion and wondered what the differences were? Since Dusted Gold is built on these very two pillars, I wanted to explain...

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  • What does Deadstock even mean?

    Dusted Gold uses a very unique approach to their design process and that is using deadstock material for their handbags and tote bags. But you may be wondering what this word...

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    Thoughtfully handcrafted products upcycled from deadstock materials. These are not just handbags, they are handbags made from trash but turned into treasure.
  • Fast Fashion

    Fast Fashion

    Fast Fashion can be defined as a model of mass-producing cheaply made, “of-the-moment” items that are sold at a lower price point. It’s usually cheap, trendy clothing, produced at breakneck...

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