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What does Deadstock even mean?

Dusted Gold uses a very unique approach to their design process and that is using deadstock material for their handbags and tote bags. But you may be wondering what this word even means! (Also not to mention these two words together is very interesting combo, right?)

Deadstock is excess inventory that either ends up sitting in storage, being burned, or buried in landfills. It can be a major problem for fashion brands and that includes taking up a ton of space as well!

What Causes Deadstock:

  1. Ordering inconsistencies
  2. Poor sales
  3. Poor quality or defective products

How to Prevent Deadstock:

  1. Offer quality products 
  2. Inventory Management Software (IMS)
  3. Test ideas first

Dusted Gold purchases their deadstock material from Fabscrap, be sure to check them out!

Our Products Made From Deadstock: