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Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Have you ever heard the terms sustainable & ethical fashion and wondered what the differences were? Since Dusted Gold is built on these very two pillars, I wanted to explain each one. Lets dive in! 

Sustainable fashion means taking a long term approach to the production and consumption of clothing. It is avoiding the depletion of natural resources and thinking of future generations. Its about creating good for people and the environment! This means to really take an inside look at how and where materials are being produced. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. For example during the manufacturing process, some factories (depends on the area too) pollute the rivers and bodies of water. This is because they do not have a proper filtration system set into place when dying the fabric. The polluted water just then runs right into the water streams and therefore pollutes peoples drinking water. One great documentary I recommend watching to learn more about river pollution from the fashion industry is RiverBlue

Ethical fashion is focused on the social impact in the fashion industry. It covers issues such as living wages and working conditions. Not all factories, but a lot of factories, do not treat their garment workers fairly by having to work long hours with little to no pay, poor working conditions and sexual harassment. Back in 2013, in Bangladesh a garment factory collapsed because the building was unsafe and killed over 1,100 people. This was the start of a huge movement that really awakened many people to see what was actually was happening behind closed doors of the manufacturing process in the fashion industry. I would highly highly encourage you to watch The True Cost documentary to learn more about this very subject! This film was the start of my journey into sustainable and ethical fashion.